Sennheiser HD25-C-II ear pads, cables, headbands & capsules (502104)

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Spare parts and replacement accessories for Sennheiser HD25-C-II closed back monitor headphones.

Sennheiser HD25-C-II ear pads, cables, headbands & capsules (502104)

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Name Code Price  
Adapter 3.5mm screw type socket to 6.35mm jack plug543684 £5.22
Cable clamp set044433 £3.06
Coiled cable with 3.5mm straight jack plug (1m/3m) 523877 £46.25
Ear pads - Black velour (1 pair)069417 £15.56
Ear pads circular - Black leatherette (1 pair)075527 £12.12
Headband padding blue541326 £7.69
Headphone carrying pouch528104 £8.83
Split headband 079278 £58.92
Split headband padding (1 piece)543657 £3.84
Storage pouch556942 £5.68
Straight cable with 3.5mm angled jack plug (1.5m)523874 £43.76
Straight steel cable (2m)523876 £43.76
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